We believe:
is a fuel of
is keeping your goal
and integrity.
Despite all shocks
and surprises.
are easy.
is hard.
is potential.
But potential
is never enough.
About us

Grit Partners is an early stage investment partnership.

Our solid and succesful team is proven by 10+ years of joint
business development in IT and Telecom industries domestically and interantionally. We share our experitise, strategic advice and networking resources with selected projects.

With over 5 million dollars under management, the firm focuses on a broad range of areas including IT, Financial Technologies, Big data, CyberSecurity, Telecom, Education, starting from August 2017.

Investment focus
pre-seed / seed
Project type
Project type
venture and cash cow
Cheque for 1 project
Cheque for 1 project
50K - 500K $


Mobile apps, cloud technologies, integration solutions.

Technical devices, units and equipments with innovative features and mass market potential, technological innovations, mobile apps, cloud technologies.

AI, data storage and processing, blockchain technologies.

Online education

Big Data

Our core values

Invest in people, not ideas

We invest in the people that are the best in what they do. Having a good idea is great, but being able to realize it
is much more important.


Team investment

We collaborate professionally and personally
for more than 5 years. We invest together
and proportionally. In case one of us joins the board
of a startup, founders automatically get access
to our network and connections.


Strategic advise and creative idea

We review and help to improve business plans. Our goal
is to grow something good into something really big.
We help our startups with expansions to new markets
and industries and overcoming critical situations
ourselves or through third party qualified advisors.


Work hard

We believe in big ideas that can change the world. However, building a solid business out of good idea
is a tough job that requires enormous amount of hard work and sacrifice. We invest into entrepreneurs who are ready to relentlessly work towards their goals. And we
are ready to multiply their efforts by means of our extensive resources.


Operational freedom

We prefer harsh honesty to double-faced politeness.
We support and trust the team we have selected.
We do not engage into operational side of a startup, while being always ready to help in case of difficulties.

Startup interaction process


Search of a project through networking, special events, projects databases
and open source research.

Meeting a project team:

Exploaring the background and origination
of a project, team members and roles,
action plan (including brief due dilligence).

Analysis of a project's
investment potential:

Analysis of financial model and current financial statements.

Market potential and competetiviness analysis, growth prospects.

Risk analysis and preventive measures.

Paper work:

Investment committee meeting
and making an investment decision.

Signing of Term Sheet.

Creation of corporate files and its' approval.


Deal signing.

Xena Exchange
Xena Exchange

Digital assets exchange from investment banking professionals.

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A new all-in-one platform that helps teachers in different countries connect their students for learning activities designed to improve social-emotional, cross-cultural and language skills.

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Medesk is medical practice management software that makes work with patients and medical data easier for practitioners, receptionists and practice managers.

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Selection criteria
Idea overview
Selection criteria
Idea overview

What is the problem that your project is solving?


Do you have a scientific break-through, intellectual property rights, business model innovations or unique partnership? Why now is the right time? What is
the minimum time, required to prove viability of your technology through tests and experiments? If your plan will be successful, what economic or market value will be transferred to the technology?


You, your ideas and your technical team is the key. Emphazise, why you have a unique capability to solve this problem. We pay special attention to the people that are essential for your innovations. What is the role of each member of the team? Which skills does the team lack?
Do you envision yourself as the long-term CEO
or in another role?

Key stages and financing
Key stages and financing

Which technical milestones correspond to financing? What are your future milestones and how much capital
do they require? What is your plan in case of unexpected and unfavorable circumstances? What is your total
and operating cash burn (the amount you’re spending)
per month, in case months stretch into years?

Market / competitors
Market / competitors

Do you have a good understanding of the competitive landscape? Have you compared your product with current key competitors? Is your innovation meets the needs of
a large market (over $1 billion)? How significant is
a breakthrough, made by your innovation or technology? How will it influence competitors? What prevents your competitor from repeating your plan tommorow?
Why have other market players missed this opportunity?